The Good Wife Introduces Secret Files and Sets the Stage for New Lovers…and Enemies

The Good Wife Introduces Secret Files and Sets the Stage for New Lovers…and Enemies


Alicia Florrick, you are not untouchable. In “Discovery,” Alicia basically got her butt handed to her by a judge, all the while Eli tried to control her life. Her life. But now she’s realizing exactly how much control she really has.

The case of the week: Monica Timmons returned to Lockhart/Agos for their help in taking on Chum Hum over a map option that labeled “problem” areas…that also seemed to be black neighborhoods. After much back and forth and some really racist discoveries—Alicia tried to bury one at the behest of Louis Canning and ended up getting found in contempt of court and ordered to pay $5,000—it looked like Alicia was finally going to lose. But twist—the restaurateur was already losing business before the new mapping method. Alicia and Co. had Chum Hum change policies, but didn’t have to settle. So, she wasn’t totally victorious, but she did have some success. However, in her personal life…not the case.

Ruth Eastman, like the audience, recognized the chemistry between Jason and Alicia. What’s a campaign manager to do? Order Eli to stop it, of course. First, Eli went to Jason.

“She’s getting close to you, isn’t she?”
“I think these are questions for Alicia, not for me.”

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Then Eli went to Alicia with his candidate rules. You watch The Good Wife. You know this was not going to go well. She was totally not having it and said probably the most Alicia Florrick thing ever: “Yes, I’ve gotten over words.” Because this is a TV show, Jason overheard the conversation between Eli and Alicia. Things got weird and then steammmmy, but were broken up by Nora. Curses, Nora. Curses. Nora was sent there to stop things like steamy conversations from happening. When it didn’t work, Ruth unleashed Jason’s file. Yeah, yeah, everybody knows about his violent past, but did you know about his secret file on Alicia? Nope. You did not. Neither did Alicia. Jason said he was just researching his employee. Do you buy that? Eli brought this news to Alicia and she slammed the door in his face. Did Eli finally overstep the boundaries? Are these two friends about to become enemies? It sure seems that way. Eli had the “I’m going to take you down look” on his face. But what about his focus groups to see if Alicia could run for office? These are the questions.

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Meanwhile, Cary and Lucca went dancing. All for Cush Jumbo getting more to do, but don’t want to have her automatically saddled with a love story with Cary. What happened to the gay attorney story, Good Wife writers? Is that just done?

Gasp count: 1

Some other things:

“I know you two have this Bert and Ernie thing going on.” — Louis Canning to Alicia and Lucca.

“You’re kind of in love with her.” – Courtney Paige to Eli re: Alicia.

Where was John Benjamin Hickey?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan sure was threatening tonight. Getting ready for The Walking Dead?




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